Syntron Iris Control Valves




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Syntron® Iris Flow Control Valves

Syntron® Iris Flow Control Valves are a cost-effective alternative to butterfly and slide gate valves. They are designed to permit the free flow of materials without binding or seizing and without damaging your product.

These valves (sometimes known as iris diaphragm valves) can be intermediately positioned from fully open to fully closed by simply rotating the handle through an arc up to 180 degrees. A variety of sleeve materials are available to match your specific application requirements.

Syntron® Iris Flow Control Valves are available in three types:
FV Series: Single sleeve; twist lock handle
SFV Series: Single sleeve; trigger handle
DFV Series: Double sleeve; trigger handle

Benefits of Syntron® Iris Flow Valve
Initial low-cost investment
Low maintenance
Easy sleeve replacement
Minimum mounting area required
Durable construction for many
years of service
11 sleeve materials available.
Caution: Syntron® Iris Flow Control Valves must be installed, operated and maintained in accordance with Flow Valves International Instructions. Failure to follow these instructions can result in serious personal injury, property damage or both. Flow Valves International Instructions accompany the shipment of equipment. If additional copies are required, they are available, free of charge from our Sales and Manufacturing facility.
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